Saturday, 1 June 2013

Starting to get "Brassed off"

My recent new found fetish for narrow gauge steam in 7mm scale has taken a slight change of direction recently. Up to now most of the loco and rolling stock bodies I have scratch built have used plastic card and sections for their construction, mainly because plasticard is easy to cut to shape and easy to glue together without adding in the cost factor.

However I thought I would experiment a bit on the latest model to hit the table and use some brass sheet and  other bits instead of the usual plasticard.

I have built 0 gauge brass kits before many years ago so working in thi scale should be no different.

The loco on my bench now is this 0-4-0ST which started life as an Hornby Caledonian Pug bought from Ebay for a fiver.

All that's really left of it is the diecast footplate and part of the plastic chassis. I have changed the motor, fitted 40:1 gears, Romford wheels and axles. The other part left from the original is the smoke box and saddle tank. Every thing else is made by my big fists!
The pictures show the brass tender body (unfinished) and the cab front and sides.

It represents no particular prototype but having a tender it will end up looking like a cross breed between a Hunslett and an England engine.

I am unsure what to do about the tender, do I make a tank and model it as being oil fired or do I just fill it with coal?  decision time soon!

More later thanks for reading.