Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Yet another Narrow gauge wagon!

The latest item of narrow gauge stock just come off the work bench.(Still needs transfers to finish) I have always liked the unusual in rolling stock so this time it was time for something a bit more out of the ordinary.That's one thing I like about Freelance NG, the only person that knows if something is wrong is me!

This is a Locomotive fuel (Diesel) tank wagon based on one that was used on the FFestiniog Railway when the steamers were oil fired. 

The model is built on an old Hornby 00 gauge long wheelbase 4 wheeled chassis.

The elliptical shape of the tank was a bit awkward. In the end I used 25mm copper pipe squeezed in a vice and then bonded
10thou plasticard to it. The ends were filled with milliput and filed/sanded to shape.

Moving on, scratch built ladders, grab rails, Hand rails, Tank fillers, brake gear and outlet pipe and valves made and fitted.A blast of Halfords grey primer completes this stage.

Finished apart from Transfers which I need to make myself because none available from the usual manufacturers.
Painted in Halfords Satin matt black with valves and roller bearing axle boxes painted and discharge hose made from fuse wire 
on the running plate.  Bachmann couplings as per all my narrow gauge stock are also fitted.
Not bad for 2 afternoon workbench sessions!


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  1. I think "Not bad for 2 afternoon workbench sessions!" is seriously under selling this model. It looks fantastic!