Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy new camera!

I have wanted to upgrade my digital camera for a while now, my old Fuji S7000 was, when I first bought it the dog's dangles but I have since realised it's limitations.

What camera?
Well I have owned several SLR cameras in my time from cheapo Zenith to the Olympus OM1 and was seriously considering going the digital SLR route.
However, nice as that may be most of them are as bulky as my Fuji, making it awkward to carry round places like model railway exhibitions and use in confined spaces like when I want to photograph my layout for the web and so on.
Then a few weeks ago I was chatting to Andy York who is the owner of the RMWeb community web site, he is using a Canon C12 compact camera and after seeing the pictures he took of my layout I was sold on it!

The more I thought about it the more I was convinced that the Canon was what I wanted.
In the end I thought go for it and splashed out my hard earned on the said item!

I have to admit though that it's a completely different kettle of fish to my old Fuji  and will take some time to to get used to all the functions and settings.  So far I have only taken a few frames with it but I am really pleased with this camera. It will do everything I want and more.

I also signed up to Flickr, the photograph sharing site, having previously used the now defunct  Fotopic.
You can see my pictures at  
I have no great problem with anyone using any of my pictures for their own private use but, if you want to use them for publication or internet please acknowledge my work, that is all I ask.

Cheers for now

Monday, 17 October 2011

If the cap fits, Wear it!

Having read and had a good chuckle at the recent blog entry by Tim (DesA) re: “The sheep dip” as inspired me to write this entry about traits found amongst the internet model railway community, namely the “Rivet Counter”, “Expert”, “Me Too!”  and the “Troll” amongst others
It’s hard sometimes to differentiate between some of these groups; there being some overlap between them.
The rivet counter on one hand is that pedantic ,some times to the point of great annoyance, usually quoting a series of diagram numbers, loco numbers, wagon numbers, coach numbers and any other number you can think of.
I suppose the modern day word for such a person in computing circles would be “Geek” or “Nerd” these words not being around when the name “Rivet counter” was coined.
Now, I don’t dislike the so called “Rivet counter” as a lot of the time this vast store of information is useful.
That is fine IF the “rivet counter” knows what he is talking about of course, and that is where things sometimes go belly up, because, it can lead to a full blown argument between two “Rivet Counters” (or Expert)  each with their own fixed idea and knowledge. Both (or more than two) ending up with a full blown rant on one of the forums and giving the forum moderators a headache. (I know I’ve been there!).
Which brings me on to the next trait in this wonderful world of Internet railway modelling, (although not just confined to this section of web life.)  This is the” Troll”
Generally speaking a “Troll” is someone who would be happy to start an argument between other internet users (usually  between two “Experts” or “Rivet Counters” )then disappear to let them get on with it, never to be seen contributing to the thread again.
Alternatively the “Troll” might just post the opening topic on a controversial  issue then stand back and watch the fireworks from the safety of behind his/her computer screen. 
Then we have the so called “Expert” usually posting in threads nothing to do with the forums main interest. (In my case railway modelling) This usually, but not always, centres around such subjects as electrics/electronics, DCC, Carpentry, Satellite TV, Photography and a host of other subjects.
Nine times out of ten the so called “Expert” will quiz another “Expert” on his reply to the original posting, resulting in another full blown rant by other so called expert. In the end the original poster is confused and no nearer to getting the information asked for in the first place!
Most of this has already happened to me, and to be honest it’s one of the reasons I don’t contribute many posts to forums.  It wouldn’t be right to post names, quotes and replies I have received over the years I have been involved with internet forums.
This entry is more or less guaranteed to attract the best of the above type of people. I shall be more than surprised if it  didn’t!
I could even be accused of being a “Troll” myself for having the nerve to post my honest thoughts on the subject!
Still I wait with bated breath for the negative comments to come back, but don’t hold your breath waiting for me to rise to the bait because I won’t. If there is one thing I’ve learned since being involved with this internet malarkey ii’s how to use the “Ignore” button!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ghost train?

HI All,
Just been sorting through a load of pictures for filing away after editing and cropping in Photoshop.

That was when I noticed this

I know Haloween comes soon but......?????

Creepy or what?