Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sugar coated criticism?

What is wrong with some people?
A guy posts a picture on Facebook of a steam loco that looks like it's had a tin of brown paint thrown at it. then asks what you think of his "weathering". 
So, you add a comment offering help and advice, go to the trouble of finding and posting some prototype pictures that might help.
Next morning you find he has deleted your comments!
Obviously, he did not want any constructive criticism or help,
Either that or what I posted was not what he wanted to hear!
 I think he was expecting praise for a proper codge job.
I'm sorry but i wasn't going to sugar coat anything if it's a bodge job then it's a bodge job and that's it!
I'm no expert at weathering but I know a bodge when I see it.
He will be removed from my friends list in the next few minutes. 


  1. You try and be helpful.......constructive critism is good!

  2. Sometimes 'what do you think' actually means 'bolster my ego by showering me with praise'.
    Ho hum.

  3. What Paul said. Also, the people who start their post along the lines of "I know this might start an argument but..." when they mean EVERYONE MUST AGREE WITH ME!!!!!