Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On the Fiddle again!

Thank goodness for some decent weather so work can be continued outside on the East fiddle yard for my new Cambrian modular layout "Steam on the Cambrian".

Those who have read my first post on this subject will know that the layout requires two such fiddle yards, one at each end of the modules.
Both fiddle yards will consist of a three road turn table so that complete trains can be turned at each end without having to lift off any stock or cassettes.

Today's progress on the east fiddle yard is shown below.

All three roads have now been laid and checked for alignment. Peco code 75 track being used here simply because it is cheaper thanthe C&L stuff on the scenic sections and I had some lying about!
 Wiring is almost complete (just waiting for some nylon cable ties to tidy the wiring up.)
I need to make a set of legs and some sort of end stop so that failure to stop the train won't result in a major disaster!
I made a start on the paint job but again ran out of matt black emulsion!
Must go shopping soon!

Another update as it happens.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Little Jobbies!

Such a nice day here at Dukedog Manor I decided to have a modelling session outside on the front deck.

So, after returning from our Sunday lunch at the pub I set to and made up a few little bits that I am going to need soon for a little "project" I have on the workbench at the moment. (more on that as and when)

One of the jobs was to make a replacement Brake standard (Well water scoop standard actually) to replace one on a Bachmann GWR 3500 gallon tender that got dropped by me( Clumsy so and so as I am!)

Here's the result of a Sunday afternoon's work. Not much to show for it but I enjoy making little bits like this.

 (Click picture for bigger image and read the text)

As well as the standard I made 2 x Steam heat pipes with shut off cocks, 2 different types of Vacuum brake pipes and a set of fire irons.
Materials used are 1.5mm brass tube, brass or nickel silver wire 0.7mm dia, 5Amp fuse wire and some scrap brass from etches.
I know I could have just nipped down to my local model shop and bought all this stuff but, what I like about railway modelling is actually making stuff like this. It adds to my satisfaction when a loco, wagon or coach is running on the layout with home made bits like this.
Then there is the cost, I'm not tight (Even though I have Scottish blood) but that little lot above would have cost me about a Tenner!
 As it is, it has cost me coppers and time that's all.
Maybe this post will encourage some of you to have a go and save money whilst enjoying your hobby.

More soon

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The "Flying Kipper!"

Those of a persuasion towards all things LNER please hit your browser BACK button NOW, otherwise the following text may cause you  some hypertension!


What is it about the "Flying Scotsman" (Flying Kipper) that makes it such a legend in certain peoples minds?
It seems that every rail or model rail magazine that has been published over the last few months have some sort of "Special collectors item" leaflet in it appertaining to this locomotive.
The latest one is a bankers lamp with a crude model of said engine on the base.
Who the heck buys this sort of tack?
It seems that every Christmas for the last umpteen years some unknowing people have seen fit to buy me a "Flying Kipper" themed present, last Christmas it was a calender and DVD set! Needless to say it is still in it's envelope unwatched and unused!
The classic one though has got to be the "Build the Flying Scotsman" part work magazine where you get a little bit of loco each week to build into an 0 gauge model of the Flying Kipper!
Working it out it would cost you about £500 to build the wretched thing! needless to say I declined to buy it!
Now if they did a part work for a GWR Castle or King I might be interested but, the Flying Kipper, NO chance!
I remember Pete Waterman buying this engine, repainting it in BR Brunswick green and then receiving hate mail from flying kipper fans for all his trouble. Needless to say he didn't keep it very long!
As for reliability from what I can make out it's off the rails more than on it! It must be costing a fortune to maintain it. Best thing would be to cut it up and bury the thing!
If you haven't guessed by now, mhonest opinion  is that this engine must be one of the most over rated locomotives ever built! 
I've never been a fan of LNER stuff anyway, To be honest there is not ONE single engine from that company that appeals to me in any way shape or form.
I've always been a GWR/Western region fan and have likings for some LMS Stanier designs along with some Southern Pacifics buit LNER No way!
I don't really know why I have this anti LNER thing, I just have! I suppose it must be like football supporters only their team matters and no body else! 
That brings me on to yet another rant, DIESELS! but that will wait for a future blog entry!

I am expecting some flack over this post I wait and see!


Sunday, 8 July 2012

RMWeb Members day 7th July 2012

The well known internet forum RMWeb held it's members day meet up in Stafford on Saturday 7th July and I was there with my layout Pen Y Bont.
Despite the previous days deluge of rain and the resulting chaos it brought, the Saturday morning turned out dry and bright for a change!
Despite my sat nav telling me to head for the M5/M6 I kept to the A449 and made the journey to Stafford in about 45minutes.
 The layout was set up and ready to go before breakfast. Staffordshire oatcakes with bacon, cheese and tomato filling!
Anyway I digress (again).

The layout performed well though the day considering it's the first time it had been put up since the Weston  show back in January! Just a quick track clean was all that was needed.

As well as my layout there were others worth looking at too so I managed a few rather mediocre snap shots.
With no tripod, poor hall lighting and slow shutter speed here are the ones that just about pass muster to show to readers of this blog.

Orchard Road TMD

A couple of interlopers on Pen Y Bont!

This class 22 is the first EVER (and possibly the last) time a diesel has been seen running on Pen Y Bont!

Yet another trespassing locomotive!

Where the hell did this one come from?

At the end of the day a great time was had by all attendees, It was great to meet some of you guys for real rather than by cyber talking!

looking forward to this event next year.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Time has come! Pen Y Bont FOR SALE

"The time has come,"
the Walrus said,
To talk of many things.....

Sorry I got carried  away there!

Seriously now.
My layout Pen Y Bont is up for sale (again) this time it's for definite.
The reasons I am selling it are
 My health is not what it was, and it's a bit much to lug around to shows on my own. because the basic design was done when I was a lot healthier it didn't matter too much.

 I also need the room to store my new layout (The Cambrian modules) which I hope to be showing sometime next year.
So really Pen Y Bont has to go.

I have exhibition commitments with it until the end of October this year and won't be accepting any more invites for this layout.
Therefore anyone interested has until October to make me an offer.
The layout can be seen running at...
RMWeb forum members day at Stafford 7th July 2012

Midland Railex   18th/19th August 2012

Reditch                 September 2012

Welshpool            October 2012

I am willing to deliver within a reasonable distance from my home in the West Midlands
Any further info required or any bids for it via PM or Email please.

General comments only below please.

Let me be clear I AM NOT giving up the hobby, just changing layouts I'll still be here messing around!