Friday, 25 January 2013

Standard 4 on Penmaenpool shed

More progress over the last day or two.
in this view I have started to add little bits like the oil drums and fire Irons by the coal stage, a tall tree made and planted alongside the viewing side of the shed to break up the mass of sky side scene.The "Hole in the sky" leading to the West fiddle yard can be seen to the right of the shed. The shed acting as a view blocker when the layout is viewed from the front.
Here's BR standard 4 75059 "on shed" at Penmaenpool 

And the same loco from another view point, Note I have added coal to the coal stage.

(Still lots more detail and vegetation to add to this scene)
Mean while at the east end (the end that joins on to Morfa Bach) we see Standard 4 75059 (Having turned on the Barmouth Junction triangle) Heading west with a freight.

Again you can see the "Hole in the sky" where the scenic break is between this module and Morfa Bach.
This time trees act as the view blocker from the normal viewing position.
I took a few more pictures and will post some of them another time.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Penmaenpool MPD (Seen my grass dude?)

Progressed a little more work on the module today.
The "dry" stone wall that I made has been glued down to the embankment with hot melt glue and a base layer of hanging basket liner fibre glued down infront and behind it.
Here's a close up of the wall

The flat vertical coping stones have all been cemented on individually and on the length of wall fixed so far means nearly 500 bits of plasticard, all cut to random shapes. Only another 300 to do on the next section of wall!
A wider view shows the stone wall and hanging basket liner from a more respectable distance, The wood screws are marking some "holes" for tree planting!

Next job on this section will be to apply layers of static grass using the well tried modified fly swatter! More on that next week.
Here's a parting shot showing some trees in position as a view blocker for the "Hole in the sky" Only just pushed in and not yet fixed but it gives some idea of what it will end up like.

More as and when!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Reddall Hill

This blog has always been mostly about my layouts and my modelling but, from time to time it's nice to feature someone else's work for a change.

Reddall Hill is the work of one of our younger members at Cradley Heath Model Railway club.
Nyall Rudge is 18yrs old and is showing all the signs of becoming a good railway modeller.

The layout is 00 gauge using Peco track and turnouts and a mixture of kit and scatch built buildings.

Most of Nyall's stock is modified and weathered RTR stuff but when you look closely his locos and stock are weathered to a high standard.

Nyall has taken the layout out to his first exhibition last November and was well received by exhibition visitors.
I am hoping that this blog entry is read by some exhibition managers who would like to take a punt on this layout at one of their shows. With Nyals enthusiasm they will not be dissapointed.

Cheers for now

Oh. P.S.
Contrary to some rumours circulating around  the Black Country, Cradley Heath Model Railway Club is NOT closing down, neither is the club in financial difficulty.
In fact, we intend to expand and get bigger, we have our exhibition taking place this October and are looking for new members, so, If you live nearby call in for a chat and a coffee any club night.

Cheers again

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Hybrid Siphon

All in a days work!
Fresh off the kitchen table today is this Ex GWR Siphon 'G'

This model is a bit of a mongrel or to use a "posh" term a bit of a "Hybrid"
The body is Lima, picked up just before Christmas from one of our local exhibition traders who brings his stock to CHMRC every few months.
Anyway at a fiver for the complete item and boxed it was a bit of a bargain.
The chassis was removed and put into my "it'll come in handy one day" box under the shed work bench!
The chassis in the picture is in fact an Airfix/Hornby unit from a Siphon 'H' but much modified!
It has etched brass battery boxes, cast w/m dynamo and regulator box, cast w/m vacuum cylinders with wire brake rodding and other detail bits. Etched brass brake lever (Not the usual type found on these vehicles mind) Cast w/m buffers of the correct pattern, home made vacuum and steam heat pipes and screw couplings.

Bogies are the original Airfix/Hornby items with metal wheels and pinpoint axle bearings fitted.
The body has had nothing done to it apart from painting the ends black!
The weathering was done this afternoon using matt black enamel and some Carrs weathering powders.
Over all I am quite pleased with the result and might get around to detailing the body one day!It will make a nice addition to the fleet for "Steam on the Cambrian!

Another afternoons work to be posted soon!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy new year

Happy New Year!

I have taken advantage of the mild weather to work on the layout in my shed, Loco and rolling stock kit production being put on the back burner until the bad weather returns and I am confined to indoor working.

One thing I mentioned in my last post was the working down advanced starter.Most people now tend to use servos for this type of thing and so will I in future, but as I had solenoids that needed using up this particular signal is solenoid operated.

Now, the trouble with solenoid operation is that the action is too fierce and totally unrealistic. I have added a simple RC network to the solenoid operating circuit and this is the result ( Click Video link below)

OK, so it's not 100% prototypical but, It is I think much better than the Slam-Slam operation of a solenoid with no slugging.

Another bit of progress on the shed itself.
I have fixed down some of the interior detail and in this shot you can just make out the fitters bench and vice in the Stygian gloom of the shed. I have fitted interior lighting but it's not wired just yet.

(Click for bigger pictures)

Other work done since new year is the ballasting is finished! Just needs track weathering now.
Loads of ash and cinders have been stuck down in front of the shed area, I still reckon I need more though!
Please excuse the camera shake (again) Lighting in my shed is not too good!

I would be interested in your comments 
More on Penmaenpool MPD soon!