Saturday, 31 March 2012

On Narrow Gauge lines

Most of my model railway work up to recently has been based on BR western Region steam around the time I was knee high to a grass hopper, (some say I'm as old as a conker tree but they are wrong, I planted it!)

Anyway I digress....

I've always had a soft spot for narrow gauge steam ever since my first trip on the Festiniog Railway many years ago!

I also fancied having a go at something a little bigger than my 4mm scale stuff so I have had a play about building some 7mm scale NG stock running on HO gauge track equating to a gauge of 2ft 3ins.

To save time and effort I decided to use some proprietary RTR 00 gauge stock as the basis for conversion, and my first bash was at a Bachmann 0-4-0 "Gregg" locomotive.

    Here it is with the original cab removed, the footplate slightly widened, Buffer beams (?) added, chimney & dome fitted and smokebox door dart added.

The Vacuum  ejector pipe runs along the tank side from cab to smoke box.

As this is just a "dabble" in 0-16.5 I have not chosen to model a real prototype but, i think it must have a little Hunslett in it somewhere in the breed!

Again because it's just a dabble I'm using Bachmann 00gauge tension lock couplings.
I have plenty left over after converting all my 00 gauge stuff to 3 links!

Inside the cab,the firebox and back head have been fitted.
The regulator  handle, water gauge glasses, and injector pipes have been fabricated from brass bits and glued in to position.
The original loco was DCC fitted and the chip filled the cab. This has been removed and the loco converted to normal DC running.

Working in 7mm scale allows much more detail to be fitted than possible in 4mm scale.

Here I have scratch built some odds and ends,
There is the reversing lever, brake standard and pressure/vacuum gauges ready to fit it the cab.

Jumping forward a bit.

Here's the loco almost finished and painted.
just needing name and makers plates and some real coal in the side bunker behind the coal rails.

Behind the loco you can also see a planked open wagon also scratch built but running on an old Dapol 00 gauge 10ft WB chassis.

So there it is my first attempt at narrow gauge modelling, I don't know if I will ever get around to building a layout to run them on, probably not! but it was a good way of extending my hobby in another direction.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Morfa Bach Picture update 29 March 2012

Getting towards the finishing stages now, that's if a model railway is ever "finished" there are always little jobbies to be done somewhere.

Morfa Bach is no exception and I shall still be adding detail and paint in 12 months time!

But, all work and no play is no fun, so, taking advantage of this weeks fair weather I dragged the layout out on to the back yard and posed a few locos wagons and coaches for some natural daylight pictures.

Here's a few of the many shots taken this afternoon.

BR standard class 3 2-6-2T 82019 heads an UP fitted freight over the wooden Cambrian trestle bridge.

(Click picture for larger image)

Ivatt Mogul 46520 with a two coach local passenger train.

(Click picture for larger image)

ACollett mogul 7340 on another UP frieght.

(Click picture for larger image)

Finally, I couldn'd resist taking these last two pictures of both sides of Morfa Tunnel.

(Click pictures for larger image)

Another update when I have some thing to show.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Worth considering?


Now that Morfa Bach is nearing completion it's time to consider my options for board 2 of my new modular layout.
This board (whatever the final decision) has got to fit next to Morfa Bach to provide a continuous run from fiddle yard to fiddle yard.
Yet more scenic boards could be built, making the layout more flexible for exhibiting.

One option I am considering for module 2 is Penmaenpool MPD.
Unlike most small steam sheds Penmaenpool was not located at a terminus, neither did  it have locomotive turning facilities, just a two road shed, water tank, coal stage and foremans residence.
Located on the former Cambrian line from Dolgellau to Morfa Mawddach (Barmouth Junction) it was a sub shed of Machynlleth (89C).
Here's a rough sketch showing how the track plan would fit a 4ftx 1ft board.

With only 2 turnouts it will not be too complex to build.
Again track will be C&L finescale or SMP with hand built copper clad points.

Apart from the shed itself there will be the Foremans house, water tank, coal stage signals.
All to be scratch built or made from propriety parts.

I hope to include the set of buildings as an entry in the RMWeb 2012 challenge, so if I finally decide on this plan I better get my finger out and start wood butchering some baseboards!

More news as it happens (or doesn't happen!)

Cheers for now

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Morfa Bach update 17/03/12

Work continues on my new layout Morfa Bach.  (click pictures for bigger images)

At the Morfa Tunnel end some more vegetation has been added, and the fixed distant for the next section has been installed.
The fixed distant was built up from a mix of MSE and Ratio parts.
More rock scree has been laid at he rear of the siding and also in the "four foot" adding the run down feeling to the scene.
In the right foreground can be seen the scratch built ground frame controlling the facing point lock, point and trap point. The facing point lock cover is also in place on the running line point.

At the bridge end of the layout the view blocker for the "hole in the sky" has been planted in the form of a small tree.
Some work has also been done on the east bank and a start made on the water.
Only another 20 coats of varnish now to finish!

Finally, Here's an overall view of Morfa Bach as it stands today.I have also managed to get one coat of grey onto the lower facia board having finally deciding grey was the colour to use.
The back scene will follow shortly along with some more trees and smaller detailing to be added.

With board 1 of the layout almost completed it will soon be time to start work on board 2 and the two end fiddle yards.

Morre soon cheers for now.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pen Y Bont seen in Railway Modeller!

Pen Y Bont seen in Railway Modeller!

I had a pleasant surprise this week when I found a picture of my layout Pen Y Bont in the April edition of Railway Modeller, No, not a feature or article by your truly, but as part of an advertisement  for my local model shop Modellers Mecca, 

I had almost forgotten that I had given the shops proprietor Lucy Pitch permission to use some of my pictures on Modellers Mecca web site     Facebook page    and in some magazine advertisements.

This is the picture, taken some time ago....

 The picture shows Standard 4 75059 looking like a refugee from Barry scrap yard!

For those with access to the April edition of railway Modeller the advertisement can be seen at the bottom of page 58a

There is also an excellent feature on my good friend Geoff Forster's layout Penhydd, a super BR western region layout in EM gauge.

That's all for now, More soon!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Morfa Bach Update 01/03/12 (Going green)

Time for the weekly update!

Things are starting to turn green on Morfa Bach.

Some trees and grass tufts have been added to the tunnel end of the layout.
The plate layer's hut has been scratch built from Plasticard and fixed in position.
To the right of the hut can be seen the next batch of scree to be painted, I haven't mentioned what I am using for the scree, so for those interested it is budgie grit from the pet shop and crushed red slate from the front garden.
It just needs painting once the PVA that is glueing it down is set.

In this picture the untreated scree can be compared with the painted stuff at the front.

I have also planted the grass at the front of the layout using Silfor grass tufts to represent the salt marsh grass.

OK That's it for this week, another instalment soon!