Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy new camera!

I have wanted to upgrade my digital camera for a while now, my old Fuji S7000 was, when I first bought it the dog's dangles but I have since realised it's limitations.

What camera?
Well I have owned several SLR cameras in my time from cheapo Zenith to the Olympus OM1 and was seriously considering going the digital SLR route.
However, nice as that may be most of them are as bulky as my Fuji, making it awkward to carry round places like model railway exhibitions and use in confined spaces like when I want to photograph my layout for the web and so on.
Then a few weeks ago I was chatting to Andy York who is the owner of the RMWeb community web site, he is using a Canon C12 compact camera and after seeing the pictures he took of my layout I was sold on it!

The more I thought about it the more I was convinced that the Canon was what I wanted.
In the end I thought go for it and splashed out my hard earned on the said item!

I have to admit though that it's a completely different kettle of fish to my old Fuji  and will take some time to to get used to all the functions and settings.  So far I have only taken a few frames with it but I am really pleased with this camera. It will do everything I want and more.

I also signed up to Flickr, the photograph sharing site, having previously used the now defunct  Fotopic.
You can see my pictures at  
I have no great problem with anyone using any of my pictures for their own private use but, if you want to use them for publication or internet please acknowledge my work, that is all I ask.

Cheers for now

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