Friday, 25 January 2013

Standard 4 on Penmaenpool shed

More progress over the last day or two.
in this view I have started to add little bits like the oil drums and fire Irons by the coal stage, a tall tree made and planted alongside the viewing side of the shed to break up the mass of sky side scene.The "Hole in the sky" leading to the West fiddle yard can be seen to the right of the shed. The shed acting as a view blocker when the layout is viewed from the front.
Here's BR standard 4 75059 "on shed" at Penmaenpool 

And the same loco from another view point, Note I have added coal to the coal stage.

(Still lots more detail and vegetation to add to this scene)
Mean while at the east end (the end that joins on to Morfa Bach) we see Standard 4 75059 (Having turned on the Barmouth Junction triangle) Heading west with a freight.

Again you can see the "Hole in the sky" where the scenic break is between this module and Morfa Bach.
This time trees act as the view blocker from the normal viewing position.
I took a few more pictures and will post some of them another time.


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  1. Lovely work as usual Frank, I was recently looking at some old copies of 'Backtrack' one of which has a really good feature and photo spread of Penmaenpool. So having compared your model with the real thing I would say you have got it spot on and have certainly captured the scene.

    So what next the station and toll bridge ? The latter would certainly present a challenge !