Thursday, 17 January 2013

Penmaenpool MPD (Seen my grass dude?)

Progressed a little more work on the module today.
The "dry" stone wall that I made has been glued down to the embankment with hot melt glue and a base layer of hanging basket liner fibre glued down infront and behind it.
Here's a close up of the wall

The flat vertical coping stones have all been cemented on individually and on the length of wall fixed so far means nearly 500 bits of plasticard, all cut to random shapes. Only another 300 to do on the next section of wall!
A wider view shows the stone wall and hanging basket liner from a more respectable distance, The wood screws are marking some "holes" for tree planting!

Next job on this section will be to apply layers of static grass using the well tried modified fly swatter! More on that next week.
Here's a parting shot showing some trees in position as a view blocker for the "Hole in the sky" Only just pushed in and not yet fixed but it gives some idea of what it will end up like.

More as and when!


  1. Looking good Frank, the stone wall is particularily effective. I just received a copy of 'Cambrian Lines' british railway pictorial and there is a great straight-on shot of the Penmaenpool shed - have you seen it?

  2. Like the hanging basket liner. Might try it for the O gauge project.

    1. Thanks for your comment Phil.
      I find that there are several sorts of liner, the "El Cheapo"
      ones from the pound shops are OK but, I found that those made by "Gardman" at the garden centre are better, well worth the bit extra in cost.