Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Morfa Bach The build continues!

Another blog update on my new 4mm scale model railway "Morfa Bach"

All the track is now laid wired up and tested. Rails and sleepers have been painted and a start made on ballasting the track.

The stone retaining wall is finished and painted. and the entrance to Morfa Bach Tunnel is in place.
The area below the wall is still under construction.
The sky back scene here is purely arbitrary as very little of it will be seen once the hill side, trees and undergrowth has been fixed in place.

Meanwhile, back on the east bank,

Some basic ground cover of hanging basket liner has been glued down to provide the first layer of vegetation at the rear of the bridge keepers cottage.
Some Silfor grass clumping has been used in the front garden of the cottage.
The "Hole in the sky" will eventually be obscured by some tall trees forming a view blocker once the track is ballasted and other jobs are done.

This is a rather cruel close up of the west portal of Morfa tunnel. Painted in grey primer rmore paint work is needed before it is anywhere near finished.

I'm not sure of the manufacturer of this item but I believe it is Peco.
I have removed the wing walls as they do not fit with the requirements  of this model.
More will become clear once the rest of the scenery is added.

So, folks that is the sum total of my work for this week, I hope to post another update soon.

Cheers for now.

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