Monday, 6 February 2012

Morfa Bach Update 06/02/12

Another week has flown by and it's time for the weekly update on Morfa Bach.

Progress on the scenery at the bridge end of the layout, Hanging basket liner covers the east bank of the river and some rocks and scree have been fixed to the west bank area.A small boat salvaged from an old layout has found a new home too!

At the tunnel end.
A start has been made on adding some rocks and scree up the slope to track level. The tunnel is fixed in place and the new retaining wall made and fitted to the right hand side of the tunnel portal.

Still have loads to do at this end. I'm waiting on delivery of some static grass fibres to create the salt marsh. Hopefully it will be here before the next update.

There are other jobs to be done if it doesn't get here in time anyway so another update in about a week.


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