Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Worth considering?


Now that Morfa Bach is nearing completion it's time to consider my options for board 2 of my new modular layout.
This board (whatever the final decision) has got to fit next to Morfa Bach to provide a continuous run from fiddle yard to fiddle yard.
Yet more scenic boards could be built, making the layout more flexible for exhibiting.

One option I am considering for module 2 is Penmaenpool MPD.
Unlike most small steam sheds Penmaenpool was not located at a terminus, neither did  it have locomotive turning facilities, just a two road shed, water tank, coal stage and foremans residence.
Located on the former Cambrian line from Dolgellau to Morfa Mawddach (Barmouth Junction) it was a sub shed of Machynlleth (89C).
Here's a rough sketch showing how the track plan would fit a 4ftx 1ft board.

With only 2 turnouts it will not be too complex to build.
Again track will be C&L finescale or SMP with hand built copper clad points.

Apart from the shed itself there will be the Foremans house, water tank, coal stage signals.
All to be scratch built or made from propriety parts.

I hope to include the set of buildings as an entry in the RMWeb 2012 challenge, so if I finally decide on this plan I better get my finger out and start wood butchering some baseboards!

More news as it happens (or doesn't happen!)

Cheers for now

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