Saturday, 17 March 2012

Morfa Bach update 17/03/12

Work continues on my new layout Morfa Bach.  (click pictures for bigger images)

At the Morfa Tunnel end some more vegetation has been added, and the fixed distant for the next section has been installed.
The fixed distant was built up from a mix of MSE and Ratio parts.
More rock scree has been laid at he rear of the siding and also in the "four foot" adding the run down feeling to the scene.
In the right foreground can be seen the scratch built ground frame controlling the facing point lock, point and trap point. The facing point lock cover is also in place on the running line point.

At the bridge end of the layout the view blocker for the "hole in the sky" has been planted in the form of a small tree.
Some work has also been done on the east bank and a start made on the water.
Only another 20 coats of varnish now to finish!

Finally, Here's an overall view of Morfa Bach as it stands today.I have also managed to get one coat of grey onto the lower facia board having finally deciding grey was the colour to use.
The back scene will follow shortly along with some more trees and smaller detailing to be added.

With board 1 of the layout almost completed it will soon be time to start work on board 2 and the two end fiddle yards.

Morre soon cheers for now.

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