Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday morning along the Severn Valley

Although the Severn Valley Railway is virtually on my door step I never seem to get down there as often as I should.
It's been over 8 months since my last visit so, with the sun shining SWMBO and myself set off for a quick visit.

We wanted to visit the "Engine House" at Highley, as, believe it or not I have never been there since it opened a few years ago.
So off we went and made our way to Highley via Bridgnorth.
What a morning! Half way along Highley High Street the road was completely blocked off by road works! and to get to Highley station meant a detour all the way back to Bridgnorth , then over the river Severn, follow the A442 to Kidderminster, then on to Bewdley, then up the west bank of the Severn back to Highley! A round trip of 40 miles just to get to the other end of Highley High Street!
Sod that for a game of soldiers! The engine house visit will have to wait until June when I shall go by train instead of car.
Anyway, to make something of the morning we stopped off at Hampton Loade and took refreshment at the station tea room(?). It's not actually a tea room though, more of a kiosk really but, it says "Tea Room" on the sign!

Hampton Loade  is a passing place on the SVR where both up & down trains are in the station at the same time. Makes things interesting to watch but not that good for photography as once both trains have departed it's an hour and a half wait for the next pair to cross,  one of them being a train you have just seen depart towards Bridgnorth. This time it would be running bunker/tender first though, again not ideal for photographs.

Moan over!

I did manage about 6 pictures some of which were total crap and deleted straight away, Of the ones worth keeping, although not fantastic I've posted below.

(Click picture for larger image)

5164 arriving at Hampton Loade from Kidderminster, Bewdley  , Arley & Highley.
The fireman giving up and receiving the single line token from the Hampton Loade signalman.

 (Click picture for larger image)

5164 about to depart for Bridgnorth.
(The southbound train behind the Stanier Mogul has already departed.)

Finally back to Meldrew moaning mode!

I had to take this shot to show the amount of weeds  both in the four foot and in the ballast each side.

It may be an acceptable standard for Network Rail but the GWR would never have countenanced weed infested track!

(Click picture for larger image)

One other good thing came out of our trip. I picked up a bit of railwayania  from the sales van at the station.
More of that in another entry.

More from my jottings soon!

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