Sunday, 22 July 2012

Little Jobbies!

Such a nice day here at Dukedog Manor I decided to have a modelling session outside on the front deck.

So, after returning from our Sunday lunch at the pub I set to and made up a few little bits that I am going to need soon for a little "project" I have on the workbench at the moment. (more on that as and when)

One of the jobs was to make a replacement Brake standard (Well water scoop standard actually) to replace one on a Bachmann GWR 3500 gallon tender that got dropped by me( Clumsy so and so as I am!)

Here's the result of a Sunday afternoon's work. Not much to show for it but I enjoy making little bits like this.

 (Click picture for bigger image and read the text)

As well as the standard I made 2 x Steam heat pipes with shut off cocks, 2 different types of Vacuum brake pipes and a set of fire irons.
Materials used are 1.5mm brass tube, brass or nickel silver wire 0.7mm dia, 5Amp fuse wire and some scrap brass from etches.
I know I could have just nipped down to my local model shop and bought all this stuff but, what I like about railway modelling is actually making stuff like this. It adds to my satisfaction when a loco, wagon or coach is running on the layout with home made bits like this.
Then there is the cost, I'm not tight (Even though I have Scottish blood) but that little lot above would have cost me about a Tenner!
 As it is, it has cost me coppers and time that's all.
Maybe this post will encourage some of you to have a go and save money whilst enjoying your hobby.

More soon

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