Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Time has come! Pen Y Bont FOR SALE

"The time has come,"
the Walrus said,
To talk of many things.....

Sorry I got carried  away there!

Seriously now.
My layout Pen Y Bont is up for sale (again) this time it's for definite.
The reasons I am selling it are
 My health is not what it was, and it's a bit much to lug around to shows on my own. because the basic design was done when I was a lot healthier it didn't matter too much.

 I also need the room to store my new layout (The Cambrian modules) which I hope to be showing sometime next year.
So really Pen Y Bont has to go.

I have exhibition commitments with it until the end of October this year and won't be accepting any more invites for this layout.
Therefore anyone interested has until October to make me an offer.
The layout can be seen running at...
RMWeb forum members day at Stafford 7th July 2012

Midland Railex   18th/19th August 2012

Reditch                 September 2012

Welshpool            October 2012

I am willing to deliver within a reasonable distance from my home in the West Midlands
Any further info required or any bids for it via PM or Email please.

General comments only below please.

Let me be clear I AM NOT giving up the hobby, just changing layouts I'll still be here messing around!


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