Sunday, 8 July 2012

RMWeb Members day 7th July 2012

The well known internet forum RMWeb held it's members day meet up in Stafford on Saturday 7th July and I was there with my layout Pen Y Bont.
Despite the previous days deluge of rain and the resulting chaos it brought, the Saturday morning turned out dry and bright for a change!
Despite my sat nav telling me to head for the M5/M6 I kept to the A449 and made the journey to Stafford in about 45minutes.
 The layout was set up and ready to go before breakfast. Staffordshire oatcakes with bacon, cheese and tomato filling!
Anyway I digress (again).

The layout performed well though the day considering it's the first time it had been put up since the Weston  show back in January! Just a quick track clean was all that was needed.

As well as my layout there were others worth looking at too so I managed a few rather mediocre snap shots.
With no tripod, poor hall lighting and slow shutter speed here are the ones that just about pass muster to show to readers of this blog.

Orchard Road TMD

A couple of interlopers on Pen Y Bont!

This class 22 is the first EVER (and possibly the last) time a diesel has been seen running on Pen Y Bont!

Yet another trespassing locomotive!

Where the hell did this one come from?

At the end of the day a great time was had by all attendees, It was great to meet some of you guys for real rather than by cyber talking!

looking forward to this event next year.

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