Thursday, 8 November 2012

A "Tail" of two Dogs part 3

Latest up date on the "Two Dogs" project.

Whilst I am waiting for motors and gearboxes to arrive from Scalelink I decided to do a bit of work on my own "dog"

The Dukedog arrived from the seller on Ebay nearly all built but painted in GWR green. As I wanted mine in BR black some real cleaning up was needed.

I tried paint stripper but found out that the loco had been stuck together with 2 part epoxy and NOT soldered!
So, Major strip down and reassembly using 70deg lo melt solder. I took the opportunity to put the chimney on straight too!
I changed the safety valve bonnet for one that looks like a GWR safety valve bonnet and not an upside down whiskey glass! I have also found and modified to fit a cast white metal top feed. These were only fitted to a couple of Dukedogs, the one I want to model (9021) being one of them!
Another "must do" was to fit sprung buffers, This entailed replacing the buffer beam for an etched brass one and soldering to the front of the running plate and outside frames.
Anyway here's the loco as it stands today 7/11/12

Note that I am not using the tender that came with the kit either. The tender as supplied by K's is a reasonable representation of a GWR 3000 gallon tender but, as far as I know all the Dukedogs on the Cambrian were paired with 3500 gallon tenders.
As luck would have it I had a spare Bachmann 3500 gallon tender in my spares box, so, that was attacked with a knife and Dremell to produce what you see above.
The tender is now ready for it's first coat of primer but the loco still needs more work before it hits the paint shop.

More on the "Two Dogs" soon!


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