Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Hybrid Siphon

All in a days work!
Fresh off the kitchen table today is this Ex GWR Siphon 'G'

This model is a bit of a mongrel or to use a "posh" term a bit of a "Hybrid"
The body is Lima, picked up just before Christmas from one of our local exhibition traders who brings his stock to CHMRC every few months.
Anyway at a fiver for the complete item and boxed it was a bit of a bargain.
The chassis was removed and put into my "it'll come in handy one day" box under the shed work bench!
The chassis in the picture is in fact an Airfix/Hornby unit from a Siphon 'H' but much modified!
It has etched brass battery boxes, cast w/m dynamo and regulator box, cast w/m vacuum cylinders with wire brake rodding and other detail bits. Etched brass brake lever (Not the usual type found on these vehicles mind) Cast w/m buffers of the correct pattern, home made vacuum and steam heat pipes and screw couplings.

Bogies are the original Airfix/Hornby items with metal wheels and pinpoint axle bearings fitted.
The body has had nothing done to it apart from painting the ends black!
The weathering was done this afternoon using matt black enamel and some Carrs weathering powders.
Over all I am quite pleased with the result and might get around to detailing the body one day!It will make a nice addition to the fleet for "Steam on the Cambrian!

Another afternoons work to be posted soon!

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  1. Hi Frank, nice to meet you here :-)

    That Siphon G looks very nice indeed. This kind of mongrel (to use the non-posh term!) is a really satisfying project to make. Very nice weathering too.