Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy new year

Happy New Year!

I have taken advantage of the mild weather to work on the layout in my shed, Loco and rolling stock kit production being put on the back burner until the bad weather returns and I am confined to indoor working.

One thing I mentioned in my last post was the working down advanced starter.Most people now tend to use servos for this type of thing and so will I in future, but as I had solenoids that needed using up this particular signal is solenoid operated.

Now, the trouble with solenoid operation is that the action is too fierce and totally unrealistic. I have added a simple RC network to the solenoid operating circuit and this is the result ( Click Video link below)

OK, so it's not 100% prototypical but, It is I think much better than the Slam-Slam operation of a solenoid with no slugging.

Another bit of progress on the shed itself.
I have fixed down some of the interior detail and in this shot you can just make out the fitters bench and vice in the Stygian gloom of the shed. I have fitted interior lighting but it's not wired just yet.

(Click for bigger pictures)

Other work done since new year is the ballasting is finished! Just needs track weathering now.
Loads of ash and cinders have been stuck down in front of the shed area, I still reckon I need more though!
Please excuse the camera shake (again) Lighting in my shed is not too good!

I would be interested in your comments 
More on Penmaenpool MPD soon!



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