Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Exhibition essentials part2

My new layout "Steam on the Cambrian" makes it's very first public appearance this weekend (28th September) at the Telford model railway exhibition.

So, during the last few days I have been thinking about what I need to take with me apart from locos and stock to help ensure smooth running.

Operation of this layout requires very little if any shunting or uncoupling/decoupling operations in the full view of the public, That is one lesson learnt from exhibiting Pen-Y-Bont. Three links, instanter and screw couplings are the very devil to deal with in 4mm scale. You either have the knack or you don't and I don't.
It's always the same when Joe Public is watching too! soon as their backs are turned they magically couple up OK. Something to do with Sods law I think ?

Anyway I digress a little bit but the preamble brings me on to the shunters poles I use for 3 link couplings.
seen here at the bottom of the picture there are two slightly different styles of pole. I make mine from 2mm o/d tube for strength with a short piece of 0.9mm brass wire for the actual hook.
The small AAA battery torches are really essential no matter how good the lighting it still gets dark between wagons on the layout.
The blue one is a Maglite given to me as a gift some time ago and uses a filament bulb which is heavy on the battery. The other one is by Fluke and uses a bright white LED so I tend to use this one most of the time.
The other items shown are a TRIX wheel cleaner. expensive but really good at cleaning loco wheels.
 A quick 30 seconds  run on each loco before the show starts is all that's needed.
Finally I found this old Tri-ang track cleaning car on the Corris railway stand at Bournville exhibition a couple of weeks ago. I had to change the wheels though because the original Tri-ang "Steam Roller" wheels wouldn't run on my C&L stuff!
The felt is soaked in cleaning fluid ( I use meths) and pushed or dragged along the track to clean the rails.
Much better than the old "Peco" track rubber and easier to use too.

Ah well, back to packing stuff ready for the weekend more waffle from me soon!

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  1. Hi Frank. Nice to have a look around your blog, with your usual superb and very special style of modelling. Good luck at the show!