Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Tail of two dogs part7

Another update on the tale of two dogs.
I have now reached the painting stage.
Transfers (just yellow dots!) and number plates are fixed, buffer heads fitted and front coupling fitted.
Seen here posed on my diorama using the "borrowed" power unit with Romford wheels from a clients Bulldog. 

A few small errors have crept in.The chimney on 9021 should NOT have a copper cap, it was a cast iron job. The R/H buffer needs tweaking, Shed plate is missing, Front bogie needs repainting and the whistles need the black paint scraped off, just to name a few small jobbies.Also the cab detail needs to be scratch built and fitted along with loco/tender fall plate.
The list of snagging jobs is endless!
More soon


  1. Hi Frank. Good to see progress with the "dogs". I was wondering where you had got to over on RMweb, but clearly you're hard at work :-)

  2. The old K's kits are not the easiest to build but you have certainly done a good job there Frank. I think 247 developments have a casting in their range for the cab detail should you fancy taking a short cut.

    Hope to see 9021 complete and on shed at Penmaenpool soon.