Sunday, 17 February 2013

Forest Gump?

As well as working on loco building I have also found time to do some work on Penmaenpool MPD.
Work this week has seen the size of the "Forest" of trees along the back of the layout increase in size and density.

The pictures were taken in my outdoor workshop (Shed!) so please excuse any background clutter, I'm no Photoshop expert so my processing is limited to resize, crop and brightness!
But I digress (again)
Here's another picture of some trees!

Note the shed fitter sat outside the mess hut with mug of tea! (The same mug that was featured here a few moths ago and made to 4mm scale!

Just to end this post is a picture of the coaling platform now complete with coal, neatly placed fire irons, oil drums and in the foreground some home made weeds with yellow flower heads.

 Don't ask what they are, a David Bellamy type of bloke I am NOT! No doubt the rivet counters and pedants at it's first show will put me right!

More soon!

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