Tuesday, 19 February 2013

On narrow gauge lines 3

More progress on my 0-16.5mm Narrow Gauge loco construction.

Here's the diesel loco (To be named "MERLIN") almost completed and nearly ready for painting.It is shown along side my previously built but recently repainted freelance Hunslett type loco The Hunslett will soon receive the name plates "KATHLEEN" after SWMBO of course!

Here we have the same pair of locos from the back end.

Merlin requires cab detail and chassis detailing before blowing over with grey primer and a top coat of two tones of green.
I have chosen Malachite green and BR DMU green as the two shades. (Only because they were reduced to clear at Modellers Mecca!) 

Finaly for this post, Merlin on the bench with a scratch built 5 ton mineral open wagon.
I really enjoy building this stuff, It's just amazing how cheap models like this are to build. This whole project has cost me less than £15 so far and that includes the paint and glue!
All the detail fittings are from my odds & ends box. The air horns for instance are made from the unused nozzles of superglue tubes, cut down to size! The hand rails on the inspection side panels are made from staples other odds and ends and home made vacuum pipes complete the job.
More soon (I hope!)

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