Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Explosive stuff!

Latest job on the workbench is this Parkside ex GWR Gunpowder van. Very much a WIP.

I am going to need at least 3 of these for my new layout "Steam on the Cambrian"


Note that I have modified the Parkside kit to represent a van of diagram Z4 rather than the Z2 as Parkside intended. 
This meant changes to the brake gear, for which I have used Mainly Trains brass etches.
Strangely enough Parkside included vacuum cylinders in their kit even though the Z2 was unfitted!
Wheels were changed from spoked to 3 hole discs (Romfords)

I have also used white metal buffers as the plastic ones supplied are much too vulnerable to damage especially when using screw couplings.

Still to be fitted are the braces between the W irons and screw couplings. No transfers supplied but I have been told that they are available from Cambridge custom transfers.  

More news once it's finished and painted.


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