Saturday, 14 September 2013

A couple of "Old Bangers?"

A couple od "Bangers!" Airfix kit meat van (Sausages?) and Parkside kit Gunpowder van (Explosives) Both carry "Bangers" of one sort or another.

I liked building the two kits, The Airfix (Now Dapol) meat van although dated and the tools for the mouldings are over 40 years old is still a decent kit. 
This one has been built using everything straight out of the packet, the only extras being a short piece of brass wire between the V hangers and a crank to connect the Vacuum cylinder.
The couplings supplied have been discarded and screw link couplings fitted.

The Parkside Gunpowder van however has had all the brake gear replaced with etched components from Mainly Trains. The original design being intended to be non vacuum brake fitted.
I have modified this one to make a later diagram version with vacuum brakes. Again screw couplings have been used. transfers are Modelmaster. This did present a problem though.

The wheelbase of these wagons was 9ft 6ins rather than the standard 10ft, However they were still branded XP for fast running. The Modelmaster sheet I had for the transfers did not include any 9ft 6in transfers.
In the end I used 10ft lettering and covered it with some heavy weathering using powders. 

No doubt some pedant or rivet counter will spot this "mistake" from the viewing distance of 3ft whilst the train is moving at a scale 45mph! but I have a surprise ready for  them if they do! (The secret will be revealed once I have upset a few pedants at exhibitions!

More soon

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