Thursday, 19 September 2013

Exhibition essentials!

My new layout "Steam on the Cambrian" makes its very first public appearance next weekend (28th September 2013) at the Telford Model Rail Group's annual exhibition.
Just a one day show but the ideal shakedown for SotC to iron out any bugs that I haven't found yet!
I had the layout set up at the Cradley Heath MRC club rooms for a week or two and had some time operating it assisted by several Wednesday afternoon members.

I have no doubt what so ever that like all exhibitions Telford will attract it's own fair share of "Rivet Counters"   "Armchair modellers" and general PITA "Pedants".

This time how ever I am going prepared with my very own weapon of "BULLSHIT" Repellant! with careful aim and calculated length of spray it is guaranteed to eliminate or repel most of the previously mentioned exhibition "Pests"

The added advantage is that my BS repellent  is highly scented and is also guaranteed to displace any foul odours that seem to follow certain members of the above communities.

I'm still working on an automatic bar of soap dispensing device so that will have to wait until later this year or 2014!

I'm also trying to think of some way to deal with a rucksack removing and crushing machine but as it may involve sharp blades for cutting rucksack straps It may fall foul of some "Elf & safety" regulations.

It would also be nice if exhibition managers could provide every layout with at least one armchair, Then our loyal fans the "Armchair Modellers" could be made more comfortable and be left to drone on and on about how I should have done this or that or maybe if some sort of internet access was available they could maybe moan or foam  as much as they liked on one of the internet forums.

In any case, soon as Telford show is over I'll raise another post here and report on the success or not of this latest product to hit the exhibition traders tables!

Cheers for now


  1. Good luck at the exhibition...I am sure you will have nothing to worry about from the rivet counters...and you should market that spray!

  2. Good luck from me too Frank, just love the spray :-)


  3. I think you will find....

    ....that the bull is missing some vital parts. Unless it's a cow?

    Really! Such shocking lack of attention to prototype!