Monday, 21 October 2013

Cradley Heath Exhibition show report.

Well, it's all over bar the shouting!
Cradley Heath MRC's very FIRST exhibition took place last Saturday the 19th October. Not only a first for the Cradley Heath club but also a first for me as exhibition manager.

Was it a success? the answer is a resounding YES! attendance reached beyond the 400 mark, that's more than I expected. The layout owners/ operators were more than happy and want to come again with different layouts. The traders went away happy and smiling so we must have got something right.
I was kept busy most of the day but managed to get near a few layouts to take a few pictures. Here they are.

Smoghampton By Ned Williams in Gauge 2 (Historical layout and models) I invited this layout because of it's unusual scale and gauge and historic value. 

Much Murkle by Nick Wood. Ok so people may say it's just another cliche GWR BLT But, look at the workmanship, the detail and the presentation of this superb layout and you can see why it's going to go on the exhibition circuit.

Little brickhill by Steve Kesterton. Invited to our show because it was unusual being round and at only 4ft diameter shows that you CAN have a 4mm scale roundy roundy layout in a small space and NOT look like a train set.
I was a bit late booking this so it had to fit into a corner, but it deserved to be viewed from all sides to be appreciated.

Spinners End 0 Gauge by Mike Bragg.  The last public appearance under the builders ownership and named after the REAL Spinners End located within 100yds of the exhibition venue. Just got to have this sort of layout.

Dudley Road by Pete Harvey. Again Peter offered us two nice 4mm scale layouts of local interest and something a bit more up to date than the other stuff at the show. We gladly accepted Pete's offer as I have always liked this layout.
There we have it for now. I'll try and post more as and when I get time to do it.

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