Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Happy new workshop!

Back at the end of February I took delivery of my new workshop (Shed!) The last month has seen progress in installing electrical services, work benches and storage units.

The workshop is 12ft x 8ft and stands at the bottom of the garden.
I chose not to have any windows fitted for security reasons and it also allows for plenty of wall space for tool racks, storage bins and other paraphernalia.
I have insulated the walls with thick polystyrene sheets covered with tongue and grove cladding.
there are 4 fluorescent light fittings 2 above the workbenches and 2 more above the area to be occupied by my new layout "Smestow Sidings"

 My (untidy) modelling bench.
This is where I sit and do my modelling and electronics bits.

The storage drawers are from IKEA but I turned them round and fitted some nice wood knobs that I just happened to have lying around.

The main workbench is a bit higher than the modelling section and is intended for the bigger jobs like metal bashing and wood butchering.

Having no windows gives me plenty of wall space to hang up the most used hand tools.
A small 4inch engineers vice from Ebay is a worthwhile investment.

You can also see the internal tongue and groove timber cladding.
This was all installed in one day by my step daughter and grand daughter, both of whom are very handy at wood butchering with saws, hammers and screws!
There are still a few things that need to be made or purchased to complete the workshop. I want to build a spray booth for airbrushing and a small pillar drill would be a nice luxury to have but, it's early days yet and they will come eventually.
On the other side of the workshop is the start of my new "Layout that never leaves home"
This is the fiddle yard end and will consist of a 5 road 360 deg turntable 3ft long.
As can be seen I have already laid the first track on the turntable using good old Peco streamline code 75 track.
I am proposing to use the new Peco code 75 Bullhead rail track for the main scenic sections.
I am still using 3 link couplings so the minimum radius of the points and track will be 3ft.

I'm not sure when Peco will start to produce crossings and turnouts in the new bullhead format but, if I get impatient waiting it looks like using their currently available code 75 "H0" components.
Why am I not building my own points as I have done previously?
Well, Time is one factor and copper clad points without cosmetic chairs etc just doesn't look right.
I could build C&L point kits but at 40 odd quid a time the cost is too much for a layout that will never see an exhibition.
Anyway, Rule 1 applies!  (It's my train set and I'll do what I want!)

I will try and update this page a little more often now I have this new project on the go.

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