Sunday, 8 January 2012

Location,Location, Location, Where is Morfa Bach?

As people are starting to show interest in my latest modelling project, Morfa Bach, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know where my prototype inspiration came from.

So using Google maps I've posted a few links to the area my project is located.

First of all is this aerial view of Dovey bridge, the bridge keepers cottage still exists to day and can be seen on the left bank of the river in this shot.
If you pan out a bit the bridge I have modelled can be seen crossing a tributary on the right, on the Aberystwyth line.

This is the view from the road above the entrance to Morfa Bach tunnel, The stone faced embankment and salt marsh can be seen.

This shot is a little further on towards Aberdovey and again the stone faced embankment can be clearly seen as can more salt marsh.

My layout is fictitious, but is based on this section of the Cambrian coast line, using some of the features seen in the above links to Google maps.

I hope to capture the atmosphere if not the exact location.


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