Saturday, 7 January 2012

Morfa Bach (More wood butchery!)

More Woood butchering!

Unlike quite a few of my fellow modellers I do not have the luxury of a large workshop or heated garage, being limited to an 8ftx6ft shed, although heated and plenty of power points it definitely lacks much in the room to swing a cat round department! (No cats were hurt in trying to prove this theory!)

So, consequently I have to wait for suitable days to work outside in the fresh air. Today was exceptionally mild for early January  so out comes the saw bench and wood butchering tools!

Not a great deal was done really, I just made the left hand layout end with it's frame and hole for Morfa Bach tunnel.

Here's the state of progress as of today 7th Jan 2012
Stood up on trestles outside of my workshop you can see the left hand end board which is today's work.

The head of nickel silver now extends to within 70mm of the end of the layout and now the end is in place will be extended to the end soon.

A start has been made recently on the retaining wall for the raised track embankment, and polystyrene sheets some 1"  thick have been layered to form the ladscape at the front.

Here is a view from the right hand end of the layout.
Drawing pins will continue to hold the track down until ballasted even though the PVA fixing the track is well dry now.
The single siding with catch point has yet to be extended. The siding being a scale 1ft below the running line.

The view from the other end shows the track level dropping down to baseboard level a little bit clearer.

That's about it then for the time being, loads of work left to do so watch out for more updates as and when.


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