Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Tail of two "Dogs" Part 2

Here we go!
Work is now under way here on my kitchen table Starting with "Dog" number 1 The K's Bulldog class White metal kit.

Day one of operations took me thus far....

I have started with the tender as I "thought" this would be the easy bit! Not bloody likely!
The castings although reasonable in terms of moulding flash, (although there is a fair bit of fettling) were slightly distorted and took a while to get reasonably straight.
There is still loads to do on the tender but you can see the basic body shell coming together.
I need asbestos fingers though! Low melt solder it MAY be but it's still bloody hot!:eek:

Another couple of sessions between other jobs on the bench should see the tender finished.
More soon

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