Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tools of the trade! Engineering in miniature

Following on from the (Almost) completed engine shed for my Penmaenpool MPD module of my new layout "Steam on the Cambrian" I thought about adding some internal detail to the shed building.
To be honest though, I wonder if it is worth it as very little detail will be seen in the Stygian gloom of the typical steam running shed.
Anyway, to pass a few hours away I made these few items.
Made mostly from scrap pieces of styrene section and Plasticard a few hours produced all these fitters tools and benches.
Sure there are suppliers of most of this stuff and you could buy most of these items ready made in cast white metal.
But, have you seen the prices of some of these items?
Now I'm not tight with my cash but to be fair I would rather use the money to buy other luxuries like FOOD!
This little lot would probably set you back about a tenner bought from your local model shop.
As it happens this lot cost me next to nothing! Just using scraps from my odds and ends boxes.

The fire buckets are made from 4mm dia styrene tube, filed to a taper and a 0.3mm wire handle made and fitted. The bucket was filled with Miliput and set aside to set up.
Same thing for the gas welding cylinders, 4mm dia tube for the oxygen cylinder and 5mm dia for the acetylene bottle. Filled with Milliput and shaped to form the top. A stub of 0.7mm brass wire makes the valve on the top.
The vice was carved, cut, filed and sanded from a piece of 4mm x 3mm styrene section. A 4mm scale handrail knob and Peco black track pin form the handle.
Same goes for the oil can, 4mm x 3mm styrene hacked, sawn, filed and sanded to shape, some nickel/silver wire makes the handle and spout.
The benches should take no explanation. Just scraps of plasticard and a drop of MEK. Handles from brass wire and Peco track pin.
That's it! Easy peasy! Here's a picture of some of the above items painted and ready to go inside the engine shed.

I forgot to mention, I also made a paint can from 4mm styrene tube wire and a dash of paint.
(Look like the fitter is about to touch up a repair to a loco buffer beam)

Also in this picture are a couple of wheel barrows from a Coopercraft kit I had lying around.

So there we have it, a couple of afternoons pleasurable work and another few bob saved into the bargain, This is what I call railway "Modelling"

Cheers for now

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  1. Personally, I like making this sort of thing from leftover bits. You get much more satisfaction then when you buy in. Don't fotget that at Pendon, they don't use castings, just bits of card!