Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Red for Danger! (No NOT the book!)

I have now completed the advanced starter signal for Penmaenpool here it is ready to "plonk" on the layout.

(Click the pictures for larger images)

I could have just as easily gone out and purchased a RTP job from Dapol, but, as Dapol do not yet do a round steel post lower quadrant signal I made my own.

The signal is a mix of bits from Ratio, MSE and home made items.

Here is a couple of pictures showing the construction and what bits came from where.

The top bit!

And, the "below ground" bit!

TBH the hardest part was fitting the coloured glazing discs to the spectacle plate!

Watch out for pictures of the signal installed on the layout as and when I can get a round tuit!



  1. That is really nice. Thanks for posting the pictures on your blog. I've been looking at the ready made ones. I like the idea that they fit into a circular hole and are reasonably priced.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment,
      Nothing wrong with the Dapol ready made ones, in fact if they made the type I wanted I would use one myself. Just that I wanted a round post steel type for this job.