Monday, 15 October 2012

On Shed!

Time for another update and more pictures!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy building the engine shed for the  Penmaenpool MPD module.
The shed is scratch built from Slaters Plasticard and some Evergreen sections.
Without to much waffle here's the latest pictures showing progress.
(Click pictures for larger images)

Compare the image (left) with the picture of the prototype(Below).

If you think that the shed is leaning to the left, It is!
It wasn't until I had uploaded the images to Flickr that I realised that the shed had not been pushed firmly "home" on it's base and by then it was too dark to retake any more.
As these pictures are just WIP i will leave them for now.

Here we have a closer look at the viewing side of the shed complete with water tank and the back of the fitters office (shed!)
You can see here that the upper half of the building is not all the way down on the brick wall which is a fixed section on the baseboard. The top is removable for track cleaning and maintenance,
I was just in too much of a rush as usual!

Another shot from a different angle.
The roof of the fitters office is in the foreground, The water tank and coal stage can be seen as well as the back of the "Down" advanced starter signal.

Penmaenpool shed was quite unique with the large louvred smoke vents and those slats took a fair bit of time fitting!

There is still loads to do in this area, the shed itself needs some more details fitting and the interior details making and fitting also.
Scenery wise, you can see one of my methods of making the landscape, The profiles can be seen on the back of the module, whilst at the front I have started the landscaping using profiles with screwed up newspapers covered with a card lattice and a top coat of torn up news paper.
On top of this will be a coat of "Gloop" then the ubiquitous  hanging basket liner before the final vegetation and trees go in.
So as you can see I have my work cut out if I want to get it out to exhibition next September!

Cheers all and thanks for reading


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