Saturday, 17 November 2012

A "Tail of Two Dogs" Part 5

 After the recent set back with the "Dukedog" chassis I decided to leave that one alone for a while until I can get some more replacement parts.
So, as I am a glutton for punishment I made an attempt at a clients "Bulldog" Chassis.
Now, my client had very thoughtfully provided a set of Romford drivers and extended axles, some Romford fly cranks and a few other better than the kit bits.
Despite using all brand new stuff, getting the chassis to run smoothly, quietly and reliably has taken me the best part of a week! Getting the quartering right with outside fly cranks is a nightmare anyway.
Well at last I have a running chassis!

I had left the chassis running for 24hrs in forward gear and the same in reverse so I would suggest it is now well and truly "Run in"!

Back to the bodies.
As I said earlier, the Dukedog came from Ebay already assembled but due to livery changes and alterations to a specific loco ended up being almost stripped back to kit form! It is now back together with top feed added and a few bits that are wrong removed!

My clients "Bulldog" loco body has been started too!
This very Saturday afternoon whilst most men are at some football stadium, freezing to death watching 22 blokes kick a bag of wind around a field OR being dragged round the local town centre by their SWMBO I was sat in my warm Kitchen/work area drinking coffee and soldering bits of white metal together. Much more satisfying I think!

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