Friday, 21 December 2012

Oh! Christmas Tree, Oh! Christmas Tree.

Christmas is fast approaching time to get the trees out!

No, not THE Christmas tree,but,  my model trees being made at Christmas!

I'm going to need quite a few trees and bushes for my second Cambrian module Penmaenpool MPD.
To buy ready to plant trees from Wooland Scenics or Treemendus would cost a small fortune so it's down to me to make some.
The method I've always used is the twisted wire method but this takes a long time to make each individual tree. What was needed was a quick and easy way of making trees

I picked up some Woodland Scenics plastic armatures from my local model shop. These were intended to be used individually to make  trees approx 2 inches high. (not very big in 4mm scale) so I came up with this idea.

The trunk of the tree is a length of 4mm dia plastic or brass tube. The branches from the Woodland Scenics kit being glued to the trunk with cheap super glue. I chose the branches to suit as I went along.

The next stage is to form the trunk proper using Milliput epoxy putty smoothed  with water.

Once the Milliput  has set, usually overnight, The trunks were painted using Humbrol 66 dark grey.(matt)
This takes the plastic look away from the branches and covers the Milliput OK too.

Finally, once the paint is dry, The foliage is added. I used a "Greenscene" foliage mat for this one but, again Woodland Scenics do something similar.

That's it! OK they are not up to Pendon standard but, as I need so many for this layout  I can easily plant some better ones towards the front with these behind to bulk up the wooded areas.

With that I will take this chance to say Merry Christmas to all my readers, I hope you all have a great time around your own Christmas Trees!


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