Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Take a brake, build a Kwik Kit!

Still not done anything much on the two dogs project. Been rather busy trying to finish a load of loose ends between now and Christmas.
One such project is this Dapol BR standard brake van kit that was started several months ago after being bought some 12 months before that! As you can tell I tend to take time to get a "Round Tuit"
I remember these kits when they first came out made by Airfix cica 1962 I Think.
Now, considering the moulds and tooling used for these models are getting on for 50 years old.the parts still fit well.

Anyway as I digress again.....
A couple of afternoon sessions on the workbench saw the job finished and added to my expanding fleet of goods vehicles.

No pictures of WIP I'm afraid just a couple of shots of the finished job.

Shown here alongside my fire damaged job! Included again here because the burn out was built from the same kit with some drastic alteration of course!
I was reading Phil Parker's blog recently, and it transpires we both hit on the same idea with regard to painting BR bauxite stock.
Now if I was a pedant or rivet counter I would go out and purchase the correct Railmatch acrylic or Phoenix Precision enamel paint, but, I am NOT a pedant or top modeller so I use Humbrol "Red Brick" enamel as a substitute for bauxite. Once it is weathered  or faded a bit I doubt if the real pedants would notice(???)
It's not a money saving thing, It just means less tins of paint to store, dry out and throw away!
I also took the opportunity to try out some Carrs weathering powders I picked up from Warley exhibition.
I must say first impressions are good. I did find though that applying some over the transfers too quickly after varnishing is not a good idea!
Just one more picture taken from the opposite angle to the one above showing more of the burnt out brake van.

I have a few more little jobbies and "Kwik Kits" I would like to do befor Christmas so I had better stop waffling  and get on with it!


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