Saturday, 29 December 2012

Penmaenpool MPD WIP December 2012

 More progress has been made on the Penmaenpool MPD module.

Once the "gloop" had dried overnight, a base layer of the ubiquitous hanging basket liner has been glued down ready for more scenic material to be added over the top of it.

These pictures show work in progress from the viewing side of the module.

Also note that the advanced down starter signal has been permanently installed, wired and tested (more about that in a future post) the signal has also been blended in to the scene by even more "gloop"!
Also visible in this picture are the engine men's rest room (Bothy) lamp hut and grounded van body (Pway dept) along with one of the working yard lamps.

In this picture,The coal stage, water tank and fitters office along with more hanging basket liner!
Note that the rails on the running line have been rusted and ready for ballast.
The yard tracks and turnout has been well and truly "blended in" with more "Gloop" I was going to use DAS clay as per Chris Nevard but Gloop is good!

The 3 plank wagon is there to check that all flangeways are clear after the Gloop was applied.

For the curious, "Gloop" is a mixture of Pollyfilla, PVA, Water and black emulsion paint. (You can use other colours). Mixed to a consistency of porridge and applied with a half inch paint brush. Most of the layout has been covered with about 4 coats of the stuff! Great stuff it is too,if you like playing with mud pies! It dries hard and if chipped won't show white like Pollyfilla alone would do.

Any time available for work on the module over the next day or two will be spent ballasting the running line.
I love ballasting, time consuming I know but I find it very therapeutic!

Another update as and when.

Cheers to all thanks for reading and happy new year!


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