Saturday, 8 December 2012

Time out on the Prairie

By way of a little interlude from the "Two Dogs" project I dug my old Bachmann 45xx Prairie tank out of the top drawer and thought it was about time I did something with it!

When shopping for bits and pieces at the Warley exhibition I picked up a few sets of GWR cab side etched plates from Garry Wells at 247Developments.
Cambrian based 2-6-2T  No 4560 being one of them.

The loco as it came to me second hand and a good runner was finished in BR lined green with late crest, whereas me without trying to be pedantic wanted BR black (unlined) with early crest.
I stand to be corrected but, i do not recall any  45xx's on the Cambrian in green/late crest livery. All the pictures I have seen bear this out.

Anyway enough of the preamble!

This is what it looks like now....

The original crest and lining was removed by gently rubbing away with a cotton bud soaked in enamel thinners. The hardest part of the job was removing the simulated coal from the rear bunker.
This is one of my pet hates to be honest. Why can't the manufacturer supply models wit empty bunkers and tenders and supply "Coal" in a plastic bag with all the other bits that come with RTR locos these days?
Once cleaned up the whole loco was brush painted with Humbrol matt black.

Transfers were then added along with the etched plates and then the weathering was done using Tamia and Carrs weathering powders and B&Q "Jet Black" emulsion paint. Real coal was then added to the bunker and stuck down with diluted PVA glue.
The wheels and motion got my usual treatment of Humbrol Mid grey mixed with a little talcum powder for the wheels and Humbrol gloss Tan with some matt black for the coupling and con rods,
Steam heat and vacuum pipes along with Smiths screw link couplings complete the job.
I have also added some home made fire irons to the tank top on the fireman's side (not visible in these photos)

The bottom line is that I now have the loco I wanted for a couple of afternoons work on the workbench.

Back to the "Bulldog Bash" on Monday!


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  1. Nice job Frank! Like yours mine runs really well indeed. One of those useful locos for a show that you can rely on all weekend for hassle free running.