Saturday, 5 October 2013

Design considerations

Now that "Steam on the Cambrian" is up and running and just needs some extra bits of detailing adding to it, it's time to consider what I am going to do next.

Regular readers of this blog will already know that as well as having a "fetish" for all things Cambrian I also have a yearning to build 7mm scale narrow gauge stuff.
Having already built a few locos and some stock I'm going to need something to run them on.
I've been having a play about with "Anyrail" track drawing software and came up with a few ideas, most of which ended up in the laptops re cycle bin!
However one design seems to have survived the delete button and that is this one.

The name I came up with for this project was "Ashwood End" being the name of a long gone
 0 gauge layout of Stourbridge Model Railway Society. Ashwood being a district right on the edge of the local green belt on the West Midlands / Staffordshire border This could all change of course as nothing is yet set in stone. 
I want to try and avoid the Cliche of Welsh narrow gauge but, it could still happen.

It is proposed to build this new layout on 2 5ft x 18ins boards set at right angles. The fiddle yard being to the left rear on the above plan.                                                                                                                          
Most traffic on the line would have been Sand and gravel from the local sand quarries. 
The layout is set in recent times where it has been assumed that the line has been taken over by the preservationists and is running a regular tourist passenger service as well as the lines own works traffic.So there you have it! Just need to get some materials and then I can make a start with some wood butchering!

More on this as progress (if any) is made and there is something to show.



  1. Hi Frank,

    Why is the goods depot on the loop headshunt?


    1. Good question!
      I don't know why i put it there TBH but, looking at some plans for other layouts the goods depot appeared to be in that position. However, like I said nothing is set in stone so If I decide to have a goods unloading facility I would probably put it on the siding at the bottom of the plan.