Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Steam on the Cambrian the first outing!

Last Saturday the 28th of September saw myself and my assistant Jaymes (The new face of Modellers Mecca!) take "Steam on the Cambrian" to Telford MRG's annual exhibition.

As this was the layout's very first public appearance there was always that nagging feeling that something was going to go wrong, I was going to forget something like all the stock or the power pack or some other equally important bit.
No worries on that score i did manage to remember everything.
Setting up took less than 30 minutes as the layout just rests on 4 adjustable light weight steel trestles and joins together with dowels and over centre clips. Not a single nut and bolt required.

Operationally things went  fine, just a few odds and ends to add to the snagging list.
A couple of trees on the Penmaenpool section need some surgery or replacement as they foul the loading gauge on the odd vehicle passing by.

The only other niggle is with just one of the six fiddle yard tracks. There seems to be poor electrical contact between the fixed part and just one turntable track at the Morfa Bach end. Something we could work around but will need looking at before the next trip out.
The Advanced starter signal on Penmaenpool also decided to play silly buggers and started sticking. I have been thinking of changing the operating method from solenoid to servo motor anyway and this episode has forced my hand.

Just a couple of pictures for you.

Jaymes bought along his model of a Ruston Bucyrus shovel on it's low loading truck to add a bit of operational interest.

"Cambrian Classic"
Little Ivatt 46520 and two ex LMS coaches form an authentic local train for the period modelled.

This consist could usually be seen on the Barmouth Dolgellau shuttles in the early 60's before that section of line closed in 1965.

The layout seemed to go down well with the punters especially the ladies! Most of whom were more interested in the scenic details than anything on the track.
A couple of prospective invites to other shows were received too (details once confirmed)  so all in all a good show as far as The layout and myself was concerned.

More soon


  1. Yes, if I had a model Ruston Bucyrus like that, I'd definitely need a quarry to put it in :-)