Tuesday, 29 October 2013

George's progress

Work continues on building locomotives and stock for my 7mm scale narrow gauge  project.

Here's the latest progress on Loco No 4 "George" a 0-4-0 tender loco.

Believe it or not this loco started life as a Hornby "Caledonian" Pug! although there isn't much left of it. 
It now boasts Romford drivers with outside fly cranks and a load of other detailing some of which still has to be added. All the brass bits are scratch built cut from 15 thou brass sheet.

The view from the driver's side. The tender now has a coat of grey primer. and the brass has been cut and shaped for the cab roof, but not yet fixed in place as more cab detail needs to be made and fitted first.

More on this and other work on my 7mm narrow gauge project soon.



  1. Lovely work Frank, especially the pipework on the right hand side and the cab steps made as part of the valences.
    Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks Paul for your kind Comments,
      The pipework you refer to was copied from "Charles" a Hunslet engine similar to Linda and Blanche off Ffestiniog fame.
      I used 30amp copper fuse wire as it's easier to bend to shape than brass wire.

  2. A very nice job indeed. I had to think hard to "see" that the saddle tank and smokebox were from a wee pug. The brasswork is very fine and as Paul says, the pipework to and from the injectors....great. I am looking forward to seeing developments!

  3. Lovely work, Frank. This looks like one of those projects that may be time consuming but worth every second. I like the compact look of the whole thing, not least the tender!