Sunday, 10 November 2013

Getting my points across.

My new project for 2014 and beyond is a new layout in 0-16.5 scale.

Having built some locos and stock I think it's about time I built a layout for them to run on hence "Ashwood End" is being created.

A layout needs track (obviously) for the locos and stock to run on, so, i spent a couple of afternoons last week knocking up a couple of turnouts.

I used the traditional copper clad sleepers type of construction  using scrap Peco code 75 flat bottomed rail except for the right hand point where I used bull head rail for the switch blades.

I was a bit cheeky though because I down loaded some H0/00 point templates from the Peco web site, printed them out and used them as a guide to building, adjusting the size and spacing of the sleepers accordingly. Bit of a cheat really but it works!

These are the first narrow gauge points I have made and I'm quite happy with them. Stock seems to run through ok with no wobbles or derailments so that will do for me!

Only another 4 points of various types left to do so got some work for the next week or two!


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