Wednesday, 13 November 2013

More design considerations

Still waiting for timber and plywood supplies at the "right" price so no wood butchering yet and doubtful if any wood butchering will get done this side of Christmas.
However that doesn't mean i can't think and plan ahead a little bit.
Now, i'm no artist and never will be but, I spent about half an hour just sketching this picture to give some sort of impression as to what Ashwood end will look.

Not the best picture as it was drawn in pencil then photographed with my Canon C12.

Not all the detail is shown, just enough to give an overall impression  that's all.
The eagle eyed may note that an extra curved point and siding has been added to the original plan shown previously.the addition is a short siding to bring coal and fuel to the factory boiler house.
I intend to start construction on some of the buildings shortly so watch this space for progress.

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