Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Shiver me timbers!

Yet another job started and finished over the Christmas and new year holidays.

This is the third project I built and completed over the recent new year holidays, Made up from odds and ends found lying around in the bottom draw of my work station.

It's a pair of bogie single bolsters based on a Romanian narrow gauge railway design found by trawling the internet.
Here we see the two bolster units.
Built from scraps of plasticard on some bogies of unknown origin (Palitoy I think)
I used coffee stirrers as timber for the bolsters, bits of brass tube and wire for the hand brakes and steel piano wire for the stanchions.
Bachmann tension lock couplings were grafted on to the Palitoy(?) bogies in place of the original Carbuncle  couplings that came with the bogies.
Hornby 3 hole disc wheels are fitted with brass "top hat" bearings.

Here's the completed unit.

The "load" of three tree trunks was just some pruned branches from a young sycamore tree that overhangs our back garden!

The load is stuck to the bolsters with glue so it won't fall apart when in use on the layout.
Some fine chain is used as the "official" method of securing the load!

So there you have it, another useful piece of rolling stock ready for my (yet to be started) narrow gauge layout "Ashwood End"

More to come on the Narrow Gauge stuff and more soon!


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