Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wagons Roll (Again)

This entry finally concludes the work done on my workbench over the last Christmas - New Year holidays.

You can never have too many mineral wagons in my opinion and for "Ashwood End" I think i am going to need a few!

I usually build my narrow gauge wagons on a propriety 00 gauge chassis from either Dapol, Bachmann or old Hornby but, this time as i had found some old cast white metal axle boxes and springs in the back of the draw decided to scratch build the chassis as well for this one.

 looking underneath the construction is pretty self explanatory.
I used "Evergreen" sections for the chassis rails and sole bars.

Brake gear was taken from a Mainly Trains etch made for 4mm scale wagons.

As per my usual practice for my narrow gauge stock Bachmann tension lock couplings are fitted.

The top view shows the wagon ready for painting. The brace of plastic strip is just to stop the sides from caving in!

The bracing piece will not be seen once the wagon receives it's chosen load.

The etched brass corner plates and strapping was also from another one of Mainly Trains etches.

Finally, The finished wagon all painted, weathered and coaled up.

Real coal has been used for the load, this gives the wagon a bit of weight and improves the stability of the wagon when running on the track.

Another blog entry soon I hope.

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