Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy new workstation!

Needing a place indoors where it is reasonably warm and out of the way of Mad Milo (The Dog!) and rather than working in a cold shed outside during the winter meant some negotiating with SWMBO!

After much discussion it was agreed that we could dump the old kitchen table that I had used for my model work over the last 18 months since moving here, and get a new work station from those marvellous Swedish people at IKEA.

This is what we bought.

  A Micke desk and an Alex drawer unit with another Alex shelf with drawers.
It holds all my modelling stuff Tools & materials and takes up just a bit more room than the table before did.
I can now look forward to getting some jobs done on the bench in relative comfort.

It has the other advantage of being very close to the Tea & coffee making facilities and snacks from the pantry are no problem either!

OK best get on with some work then now we have the facilities!

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